Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mahabharata - A Retelling


“ You don’t have to do this Bhim. Just look at us. Do you want the future of humanity to tell these stories and despise us? “ Said Suyodhan

“Duryodhan, you don’t deserve to live. You are the one who is the cause of this destruction. You will have to pay for what you did to Draupadi – she was ripped off her dignity with the whole bharat varsh to witness. I have made a pledge Duryodhan and today, on the 18th day of the great war – it all ends here.”
- said Bhim swinging his mace in the air and destroying trees which came in his way.

“Suyodhan. Suyodhan is my name Bhim. At least call me by my real name now that you have won the war. Which mother will believe that I was named Duryodhan? And Draupadi …which act of indignity are you talking about – she was my servant, my slave Bhim and what I did was only lawful. When I won her she became a slave but when she was placed as a wager in Chauser, she had been a royal lady of the palace. So which act is more shameful Bhim? Why don’t you ask your Dharmraj who knows that I was right all along. And that is why he did not utter a word. “ – said Duryodhan limping while searching for a good tree to hide.
 He continued –
“And what about your Dharma? You killed my dear friend Karna by treachery. That Krishna was always justifying his misdeeds by convoluted arguments.
Where was his Dharma when he asked Arjuna to attack Karna when he was unarmed?
Where was his Dharma when he asked Arjun to hide behind Shikhadi and kill great Bhishm?
Where was his Dharma when he spread the lie about Aswathama and then beheading our Guru Dronacharya?
Where was his Dharma when he asked you to hit me on my thighs against all the rules taught to us by the great Balarama?”

“You disobeyed the Dharma too Duryodhan- don’t hide behind false arguments. You also killed Arjun’s son ABhimnyu by deceit. Poor kid was killed against all the rules. You killed my son Ghatotkatch. Accept your deeds Duryodhan at least now when you are about to die”

“Weren’t my 99 brothers killed in the battle too? You say I made false arguments but do you think greats like Bhishma, Vidur and Dronacharya would have supported adharma if ever I did one? Do you think I would have had gathering of eleven akshohani armies on my side had I been wrong? What did I ask for? I asked for what was rightfully my own. Isn’t a son rightful owner of his father’s throne? I am the true son of Dritrashtra – and elder son of the elder son of King Shantanu. But what about you? You Pandavas are not even the sons of Pandu – you are the fruits of boon of mother Kunti. You can kill me now but heavens are the witness of whose side was rightful all along. History will vindicate me.”

“No it won’t Duryodhan. History is always written by the victorious. And history will remember you as what Pandavas want. History will remember you as Duryodhan and the name Suyodhana will be lost forever” – Bhim said with a grin on his face. He saw stain of blood on the leaves and swung his mace. The tree came down as if made of sand…and along with it Duryodhan , trying to hide in the fallen branches-blood streamed from his legs where Bhim had hit him.

“God will punish you Bhim –he will. Your all murderes will not go unpunished in the higher world. Ask Sahdeva – he the one with power to see the future. He will tell you what lies ahead. Supreme God will grant me heaven for following the path of righteousness and fighting for my right which is Kshatriya dharma and you Pandavas will go through torments of hell.” – said Suyodhana as Bhim finished him off with one final swing of his mace


  1. Nice story - almost made me (re)think who was right and who was wrong!!

  2. Awesome..We never thought of other side.