Sunday, April 17, 2011

The God Who Wasn't


“Yes. My son Professor. I had to do it. I did not have any other choice. “ –he sighed

“Just when I discovered EC, I asked for help from everyone. I tried reasoning with University. But they considered me to be crazy. They thought I was trying to prove something which did not exist. They asked me to experiment with animals and prove it but it doesn’t work that way. It can’t. Only humans have advance enough EC which can be agitated. I was labeled an eccentric who was trying to fathom non-existent ECs. My research was stopped and I was taken off from the work.

And I had accepted defeat. I had nearly given up on my dream. And then, my wife, Rama, got pregnant. My hopes were rejuvenated at the prospect. I would have my own subject. I could continue my studies and prove everyone wrong. In fact it made even more sense now -  An offspring with abilities second only to God oneself , was an irresistible idea. And the opportunities were immense.  

I talked to Rama for this. But she did not agree. I tried giving reasons to her. I told her about the abilities our child would get.   And then I realized that a mother’s affection for her child is not something which can be reasoned with. She did not approve of it. Mother’s love got better of science – for some time.

And that was when I had to take the painful decision. A decision for which I knew I will be punished. I decided to deceive Rama till she delivered our child. I pretended to agree with her at that time and waited patiently till the very last days of her pregnancy. And then I brought her here. “

A silence erupted between two men as Lowell tried to understand the intentions of Sudarshana.

“And you killed her. Isn’t it?” Lowell asked

Sudarshana went into a guilty silence before raising his head again.

“Professor Lowell, I have done many sins and sacrifices in my life. But aren’t my intentions pure? Nobody else can understand me better than you Lowell. Science is a beautiful window to the reality. Without it, man is nothing but an animal, or worse - a superstitious animal bound by his own irrational decrees & notions and figment of imaginations it calls God. Isn’t my God better than theirs? My God gives me reasons; HE never asks for my submissiveness but only inquisitiveness. My God is never preaching but always wants me to uncover the truths of his existence myself. Isn’t this even worth some small sacrifices?”

“This conversation is over now” Prof Lowell stood up.  “Sudarshana. I have no reason to talk to a criminal. I am calling the Sol police now. And be assured that I will ensure that you get no less than a degree five exile. Tonight, when I slept, I thought you were dead. Now, I wish you were.”

“Prof Lowell. Please listen to me completely. When I called you, I knew that I will be spending rest of my life with exhilers at Venus colonies. And I am prepared for it. These 12 years have consumed me and I deserve to pay for those sins. But don’t let my sacrifices go to waste professor. Rama was the love of my life. There was not a single day when I didn’t mourn her. I had no other option Prof Lowell. Don’t you see it?

I was torn to pieces cutting my own son’s skull. But I did all those things Professor. All that… for a reason. A reason which was above me. A reason above my family. The reason for which you and me live every moment professor. A reason for which even the most noble of the men have committed grave sins. And the reason is to know the higher order. We might be even on the verge of reaching there and you are my only hope. I just want to know it the day I close my eyes. This is just what I desire my professor. Its my last wish”

Professor Lowell  stopped in his tracks. His mind quickly racing to understand the implications. His inquisitiveness grappled him. He wanted to know more. But he never wanted his answers to be coming from a murderer. Finally his curiosity got better of him and he made a decision.

“I am agreeing to it Sudarshana. But I have few conditions”
“I will agree to anything friend. Anything. Just help me.”

“Don’t call me your friend. After we are done here I am handing you over to the Sol police. And before that you will tell me each and everything you know. All your inventions and discoveries will be properties of OEC from now on. Is that clear?”

Sudarshana quietly nodded.

“Now let me tell you why called you here for Lowell” – Sudarshana said wiping the tears at the corner of his eyes “Please follow me”

Sudarshana lead the way towards another room at the other end of the hall. A dim light emanating from the room declared someone’s presence which Lowell guessed would be Sudarshana’s Son. His heart started pounding at the anticipation of meeting the brainiest man on the planet – a twelve year boy. But as soon as he entered the room he saw something for which he was never prepared for.
At the centre of the room lay a bed surrounded by several medical recorders.  IV poles with several colored liquid pouches feeding into a very small figure vaguely resembling a human. A completely bald and naked figure was covered with electronic sensors and small devices. There were stitching marks across the skull declaring Sudarshana’s guilts.

“Professor Lowell, this is my son Anuj."

“But what has become of him?” Exclaimed Lowell

“Professor, EC gives many powers to its bearer. But brain is a very complicated machine. Even in normal humans brain consumes 40% of the energy the body generates. A brain powered by EC uses many parts of the brain…but not without its negative impacts.”

“Continuously stimulated EC required every last drop of energy the body generates. That is the reason why Anuj never grew up physically. It also impacts all the ambulatory mechanisms and other parts of the brain. In simple words : this body is host to the greatest brain of all time. But nothing else. “

“That is the cost one has to pay to expand the human limitations Professor. But that is not it.”

“ It can not even communicate in a normal manner. My only way to talk to my son is this” Sudarshana said pointing towards a large simputer which was connected to Anuj’s brain.

“In the beginning it was simple. All thoughts and reasoning of Anuj were analysed by this simputer in the normal language. That was when I published those papers. But then Anuj’s reasoning became very complicated. His brain entered into another realm altogether. Perhaps Anuj found out a better way to think altogether. A more efficient way. Remember how human civilization progresses by taking already proven theories and mathematical equations and builds new theories upon it. But this is at a whole new level. As compared this brain” Said Sudarshana pointing towards Anuj  “ we are merely insects professor. “

And during this whole time . It gave out huge chunks of data which was impossible for me to understand Even the latest simputers are unable to keep up with it. It merely threw out iligible words and theories. As I said, he is using more efficient way to think and communicate which is beyond humans.But I hoped. I hoped that someday I will be able to analyse it or some simputer which can. And then, something extraordinary happened.

The whole system stopped working.  Anuj’s brain went blank. After some time Anuj stopped responding altogether to simputer. He went into a self inflicted coma. I feared the worst but he was alive. All agitators were running fine – but his brain was not showing any readings. Even in coma brain shows activity. There was only one possible reason for this Professor – his brain finished the job it was supposed to –a  glimpse into the ultimate truth “

This piece of paper, Professor Lowell, holds the key to deepest mysterious of our Universe.

Hello Friends,
I guess the apology section is becoming a permanent part of this blog :D. This chapter is in fact three months late. Though i had rough draft for the whole series ready, i wanted it to be engaging. The next chapter is the final part of the series which (hopefully!)will be done on time.
Coming back to the story, the 10 years' work of advanced EC was summarized in conspicuously simple diagram. Sudarshana claims that it contains the biggest mystery of the Universe. Does it? What it can be?  Will Lowell and Sudarshana be able to crack the code? All guesses are welcome.



  1. I read through part 1 again to refresh my memory of the story. Although the plot in the second chapter was bit on the expected lines but still it managed to keep me engaged. Good Job VT:) Specially, the last diagram asks the readers to get their brains running.

    I being a mere mortal nowhere close to either Dr. Sudarshana or Dr. Lowell or the bio-agitator installed kid, is in no condition to even think about the mysteries of universe and the almighty God. I just hope that we would have the final chapter soon.

  2. Too much man!! It was so captivating that even though I wanted to read the first chapter for a refresher (side effect of a late release), I could not!!
    And you better come up with the next chapter soon – I can not contain my anxiousness for long!!

  3. Really good read, have to say wait was worth it, but plz dun make us wait for the third part :P. for the image i was trying to find an analogy of Cylinder to brain with finite boundaries and the circle being world. Lower section of image is like another version of brain which is unbounded (powered with EC). Just some random thoughts :D

  4. @Sammy and raj Bhaiyya - Thanks a lot. Next part should come soon. :)

    @Shailu - A very good guess indeed.
    Wanted to give a hint but perhaps it will spoil the story as i am sure you guys will crack it. :)

  5. @Thakur bhai! Must say a very good read! Do hurry up with the third part! and you do seem to have a knack for writing such sci-fi stories... I only wish my stories were half as good as these are!

  6. Very interesting post Vaibhav..the whole story is very engaging!! Post the third part soon :)

  7. Hey buddy...
    I am reading this post after you published part III
    Well like a typical Indian... i feel the story should have a happy ending as in they should be able to crack it... :)

    As for the diagram .... no clue