Friday, January 25, 2013

The Last Sermon

“But if you exist then you can’t leave us now”-

“You don’t need that hypothesis. Rather, If you become wise, you don’t need it – if you don’t, then it wouldn’t help”

“Tell me son, why would I teach anyone to kill their own brethren. When I created this Universe, I created billions and billions of Suns. Beautiful swirling galaxies, glowing eons of dust, marvelous mosaics of solar systems and little gems like planets.

But it was empty. I needed someone to appreciate it. Someone who would look at all of this and have his heart filled with awe. It was like a masterful artist’s epiphany with no one to enjoy its beauty.  

And so I created man. And for some time they loved me the way I loved them. All of you – you looked up at the sky at night and wondered. You were mesmerized. And I stood there – watching as a proud painter would do standing next to his magnum opus. I felt like a supreme being for the first time.
But then, something went wrong. First, you started arguing among yourselves. And then not satisfied with it you started killing each other. I was standing right there when I saw you killing each other over my name – whether it was Ram, Allah, Christ or someone else. I laughed at you and then I felt miserable. After all you were my creation as well. A failed creation which once I thought at par with me. And then I lost faith in you. 
You always thought that I will be with you –regardless of what you did – you even thought that I will reward you for killing my other children. Fools. Regardless of the name – I will be Allah for one, Ram for another and Christ for still another.

And you killed in my name. I am carrying blood in my hands for my own children. Sometimes, I was just a convenience for you. You did all those miserable things because you wanted to – and you blamed it on me? I gave you will power and intelligence to appreciate whats around you. To love your fellow humans and love me for creating those beautiful things. But see, what you made of me – a monster?

But then why did not you come to us. To guide us. To protect us from ourselves.

Don’t you think I did? I did come. Time and again I tried to bring you back to my true path – first as Rama, then as Allah, then as Christ and then I came back as Nanak. But look – you ended up even more divided. I wondered if I should have come back at all.

You call those who don’t believe in me as Atheists, but what do you call a God who has lost faith in humanity? You have no words right? Because you thought I’ll be with you always? Regardless of all your actions. But you were wrong.

Human - I have lost faith in you.

Dear Friends,

Many of you know that me and Ranu recently were blessed by our little bundle of joy. Its an amazing feeling to be father. Well, on one hand where it brought an unparalleled joy of bringing a being to life, it also made me ask some profound questions about the quality of world I am bringing this child in. This post perhaps reflects some of those thoughts. Hopefully I am wrong.