Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Dialogue

Date: 20th April 1889
Place: Ranshofen, Austria

‘But you are wrong my brother. Violence is never an answer to anything.’ Said the younger one

‘Yes it is. In the hands of clever, it can unite the population. And unity gives power- power which can change this world. Yes, changing the world always requires few sacrifices but that’s a cost we pay for a better world in the end’ said the elder

‘Misery of thousands can not be a way to a better world for a few. You must understand it brother’

‘You tell me- won’t you rather have supremacy of those who deserve it? Mankind has always progressed by the efforts of the best and dragged down by the worst of the lot. Isn’t it in humanity’s own interest to leave the worst of us behind? Isn’t this what Darwin said -  survival of the fittest? That’s how any species progresses my dear brother. You have to discard the ones who will slow you down. You’ll have to purify the land of humans before you attempt to make it a heaven for the rest'

‘Such heaven is only as pious as the hands of the murderers who built it. Darwin’s fittest survives, but not by killing weaklings. You only have the right to fight for your survival but who on earth except God, gave you the right to cease others’?
And Aryan supremacy? A human is a human – he is not worse if he was born of another womb. Just you look at us. We are about to be born of the same mother but you and I can never be the same. How do you even fathom that belonging to a race gives one a supremacy over others?
Best of humanity won’t be the same if its foundation were to be laid on the corpses of others. The path you seek my brother won’t make you a better human but rather dehumanize you beyond redemption my brother.’

‘I understand now brother – ‘ said the elder one feigning his tone for what he was about to do 

‘I understand that you will be the first obstacle in my path of world domination. And for that, you have to become my first sacrifice for the sake of rest of the humanity’ – he continued as his tiny hands wrapped around the neck of his younger brother

‘Please don’t do this’ – said the younger one before his voice died down

‘Mrs. Klara – congratulations you have twins. Boys. But wait…one is not crying…‘ – said the nurse

Some documentaries say that Adolf Hitler had a twin brother who died at birth. My own rendition of events how it happened !!

Though i decided to not to write any more stories on my blog, i think i can't resist it! So, while I am working for a bigger project separately, i will occasionally update it with some such short stories. Hope you liked it.

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