Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Bullet Point

'So you want admission here' - He asked

'Yes Sir, i feel i am well qualified for this place. I did many good things in my life which you can see on my resume'

'Hmmmmmm i see that, but is there anything which you don't have on your Resume, for which i can reward you by admitting you into this place'

'No...this is everything i have. This is my life's work' I said nervously

'Are you pretty sure?' He pushed again

'Sir, i thought i will be one of the most eligible candidates because all the good work i have done in my life'

'Ya you have done good work but you have already received your returns on those by writing it in your resume and getting good jobs. And we have strict laws here. We can only provide a pass for your deeds for which you have not got anything in your life. You flashed these bullet points at every opportunity you got and reaped its benefits.But not here.

Sorry. Your application for entering into heaven is rejected'

1 comment:

  1. placements paas aa rahe hain na? :P
    main bhi kaafi IIM bashing mein indulge kiya tha before coming here just to cool down..nice strat :)