Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To Be or Not to Be...

“C’mon its only twenty five light years away” – said the energy form
“That’s what you said the last time and we got into trouble” – said another
“Ah…that was eight cycles ago and what do you fear anyway. Ok we’ll not stay there for long. Just a few years alright. We’ll be back even before this star goes supernova” – insisted the first pointing at a nearby red giant
“Ok ok…you win” – said the second nervously

And then they went. They went to young nebulae and played in its dust. They went near black holes and played hide and seek. They engulfed themselves in refreshing flares from the young Suns. They explored many galaxies from end to end with holding each others’ waves – they loved each other and they knew it.

And then they noticed a beautiful marble.
“I want to see it from close” – said second
“Lets go for it – we still have some time” – said first looking at the beautiful blue marble

And close they went. The blue marble was indeed beautiful. It was small but pleasant. It had colors of wavelengths first and second never knew. It had softness they had never passed through. And that’s what they did –they went through blue oceans and white skies, green grasses and colorful flowers. They loved all of it. Exhausted, they decided to hover at one place.

“Hey what is that” – asked the first
“I am not sure – looks like an abnormal wave front” – replied the second
“Its troughs look odd – what if we pass through it”
“No lets go home now. We had enough for the day”
“C’mon that’ll be an adventure. A scary wave with odd troughs  - how often do you see something like that. Definitely not since we radiated near that pulsar. Anyway, we are pure energy remember. Nothing can happen to us. Ok take my wave…alright. All set? Go.”

And BOOM! As they merged into the abnormal wave, a flash of blinding light engulfed the whole planet. First and second felt as if their wave energies were being squeezed to give it a new form. A feeling which they had forgotten for eons. When the light died out, the forces beyond had created something new.

“Is it you” – asked the second looking at the frail naked creature in front of her
“Is that you?” – replied an equally astonished First

First looked curiously at appendages – two of them were close to his visual perspective. And each had five appendages of their own. He had not felt more different ever.
“I told you not to go near that wave Adam. Now we are stuck here forever”
“Then lets make most of it Eve.” – said the First with beautifully stretching his facial muscles


  1. Awesome!!! Really liked the new take on adam and eve story.

  2. Thank you Aashish. Original idea was to have a elaborate setup with Serpent and the apple tree. But then moved towards bit more abstract. I guess it worked!