Friday, October 1, 2010

yrevocsiD ehT

(Year:  -1100, Day: -26)

“Yes I knew. And it was fun. So, lets celebrate this in the cafeteria. Your treat !”

“So you knew about this all along. And you were just messing with me”- I said while still trying to cope with the fact that I was wrong.

He pressed the remote control again.

“…so this was Prof Stephan Sagan who was….”

“This discovery has changed the way we looked at our existence and the fluid concept of causality. Our efforts to prove the existence of parallel Universe which exists alongside us have failed before this. A parallel Universe, the habitants of which live as close to us as our next door neighbors, but defy our reach. We don’t interact with each other. We can’t even see each other as we live in perpendicular dimensions. Its like living on a photograph and not able to see another one just held millimeters from each other. But this is the moment when I can say with great pride on behalf of whole scientific community that we have been able to prove its existence. We don’t yet know about any intelligent life as such but yes there is a Universe out there waiting to be explored. I congratulate all of our scientists on this grand achievement.”

“And now we break to telecast a very important discovery by physicists at GSI who achieved a major breakthrough today in our understanding of Universe and laws of nature. The director of Global Science Institute- Prof Stephan Sagan is with us today who will throw more light on this”

And before I could argue further, he pressed a button on the remote control and a familiar voice filled the room.

“Ok. Now I just want to see the look on your face. Turn on the television, the director is making an announcement now”- He said

And he gave me a crooked smile.

“See, that’s where you are wrong. There are no such particles. There is a prescribed set of rules in nature which each Universe will follow, regardless of wherever they are. The concept of causality should be the same everywhere. You remember the paper by an Indian scientist published in the Year -1136 which said that reverse causality is impossible and even imagining that intelligent life can evolve with such assumptions is pure rubbish.” – I said defending my bet

“You remember our bet on reverse causality right? Well, I have found some new arguments for it. And I guess after this discussion you will owe me a few thousand credits and a treat. Now I understand that even if I produce relativistic conditions by accelerating particles closer to the speed of light, the absolute causality will be unaffected. But If I were to tell you that there are particles which can travel at less than the velocity of the light then in such a Universe, causality will be opposite of our Universe. Cause will only happen before the event. Imagine that! 

And he entered suddenly in my laboratory.

There is a hypothesis that there are some particles called Tachyons which constantly travel at the speed greater than light. The speed of light is a lower limit for such particles and can’t be breached. For such particles events will come before the cause and its as normal as for us to see cause happen before the event. (My brother Gaurav, however, correctly points that the definition and philosophy of their “cause” and “effect” will be different in such Universe)  I just tried to imagine what kind of intelligent life might exist in a Tachyon filled Universe. 

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