Monday, March 1, 2010

The Rise of Kalki

Hello Friends,

This is my first attempt at science fiction. The idea has been brewing in my mind since last couple of months and was initially meant only to be a short story. But as the story progressed i realised that it deserved at least two chapters. Please provide constructive criticism. For beginners - Kalki is prophesized to be the 10th and last avatar of lord vishnu, and the only one in the age of Kalyug. According to the myths, he will stand on this earth to destroy all evil and pave the way for Satyug again.



Chapter 1 : Of Dark and Light

Year 2010 – France bans burqa in public. Islamic Institutions all over the world protest.

Year 2011 – French president assassinated against Fatwa issued by Taliban Leaders

Year 2012 – “War on terror” begins with religious undertones. 47 countries join in against fight with 8 nations.

Year 2015 – After 3 years of guriella war. Radicalists call for extreme steps.

Year 2016 - “The last Jihad” begins.

Year 2017 – Nuclear arms used by Jehadis as a last resort. 1/3 rd world population is swiped off the planet. Another 1/3 rd suffers from radioactivity.

Year 2019 – War erupts between remaining humanity to capture weapons, safe food and water.

Year 2020 – The world goes back 5000 years as only 1% of original population remains

Year 2025 – Boy named Kalki is born.

Year 2040 – He declares the abolition of religion as core cause of wars

Year 2050 – 6th Feburary . Unimaginable happens. Later called The New Day (Year 01 of Kalki)

The New Day – Gaia in form of Waters and Sands appeared in its final and true form. Waters of Seas rose so high that it even eclipsed the high sun. Sands decided to remove itself from the Man’s feet. Forests and animals who had obeyed and helped Man to conquer themselves, stood against him for the first time. Mountains who once gave shelter to Man became his nightmares.

And then…the Lord appeared. A man, who he was not – stood against Gaia. Asked for forgiveness for all of the mankind. Asked for one more chance. He asked the Gaia – the soul of the earth, to give Man a chance to serve Gaia. …And She did.

Waters receded. Sands went back to the deserts. Trees went back to the forest.

Kalki made nature forgive Man the very last time.

“Lord, the Gaians wait you for your morning prayer. It might have come to Lord’s notice that Gaians from the west have also come to participate today.”

“Twenty Years . Tell me Strot. You have seen the great wars. You have also witnessed the Dark Days. Tell me – how was it. How was the Man ? Have we really succeeded? Are the Men truly Gaians now?”

“Now my lord? The Gaians await for you. The day which the whole Gaia waited for has finally come” Strot looked at his lord whom he has served for a long time. But today for the first time he saw a strange deepness into his young face.

“I need to know. I need to know if this is what we deserve from ParamShakti. If there are still Men among us, I may fail. Gaians don’t know what awaits them.”

Strot’s sixty year old face showed no signs of emotions. One of the very last Gaians of his age, who saw the world’s order changed in his lifetime. He never thought that a normal Indian teenager would see world going to dark age and see its complete devastation in youth. Now called Strot – a name given by Lord Kalki himself signifying him as his source of knowledge and wisdom, never dreamt that he would be the part of making of a legend. He spoke with a heaviness in his voice –

“Lord, I was among those Men who lived in dark times. Times when religion brought differences and not harmony among people. Doom was imminent, but no one thought it was that close. The last war was not fought for Man’s greed …it was fought for survival. I have seen friends changing to worst enemies during the battle. I have seen wives murdering their own husband for few grains for their children. There was no God left. No religion. Men died the very day my lord. And Gaia was born. “

“I have chosen a wise advisor for the Lord. Stand-up Strot – we must do what we must do”

As Kalki moved towards the veil of the stage , Strot followed.

On the other side of the veil stood a gathering of thousands. Every Gaian looked towards the Lord who brought them from the dark times. Lord, who stood to remind humanity of what its purpose was. He showed them the ways to rise above their survivalist instincts. He showed them the true meaning of oneness and religion, of love and faith, of feeling the pain- of self and others.

The three Gaia leaders Alphus, Prathus and Primus who came from across the world, bowed down to the Lord. Their names were also given by the lord to signify them as the world leaders called Trisents.

Kalki addressed his three leaders first – “Today we stand for the new world my Trisents. You all have served the Gaia very well. You have shown that Gaia deserves you. But after this, we will exhaust our threads to the past, however dark it may be. So I want to ask you….all of you my trisents. Are there any Men among us.”

It was Primus who spoke first – “Lord might know what is wise for the Gaia. Lands of Forests are at peace. Trees and animals and Gaians live harmoniously. I think we are ready for the New World.”


“Yes my Lord. Sands and Mountains hail the Lord’s ways”

“My dear Prathus. Are Waters of Seas wish to trust us again” – Lord asked

‘My Lord. I know you trust you trisents for advise. Gaia has been kind to us all along….even in the Dark days. But if we fail her again, I fear even Lord himself will not save us like he did on The New Day”

Yes Prathus. Your words lead truth. Dark days are past us. But Man has always proved us wrong. And…..“ – Trisents and Strot waited for the next words of Kalki. His eyes trying to probe all three leaders, perhaps questioning their faith on Him and ultimately Paramshakti. He looked different. He looked through the silence to search for words.

It was Strot who came forward to break the silence. – “Your prayer my lord”

“Yes…Yes. Of course." He paused and looked directly into the eyes of his Trisents - "And this could very well be the last prayer of humanity in its full conscience.”

- End of Chapter 1 –


  1. Impressive background and story. I say just a little bit of refinement will make it great.

  2. Good start bro, i especially liked strot's answer on Man's existence, but how can u be sure that Man died and Gaian was born? what are the chances of birth of someone or something beyond our comprehension?

    Can we ever have a world with no grays? just black and white?

    waiting for the next part...dark undertones u have i feel:)

  3. @Kunal - Awesome observation! This exactly is the question which Lord Kalki will argue on in the next chapter.

  4. Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.