Sunday, November 23, 2008

My encounter with myself

It was a nice bright winter afternoon on Saturday…and its not frequently you get to get holidays at a place like IIM L. So I decided to go for my much delayed “shopping chores”. 

After reaching somewhere in the city I reached a ubiquitous rickshawala. Trying to look like a localite by making a fake face of familiarity with the city I asked- “Sahara Mall ka kitna loge?”

“20 rupaye de dena sahab” – He said with figuring out that I was indeed a stranger

“20 rupaye !!” I exclaimed.

15 dunga….chalna ho to bolo - I knew that it shouldn’t be worth more than that

“Sahab baitho 18 de dena” – And I knew now that he can be squeezed more and I can save my 3 rupees

“dekho 15 hi banta hai….usse zyada kuch nahi dunga” – Again I knew that 15 hi banta hai

And he yielded. I felt a feeling of triumph that I saved my precious money.

It was some 4-5 kms before we reached Sahara.
I wanted to buy some chappals first so I entered into Metro. Saw some pieces there and selected one:

Excuse me please. How much is it for this one?

“Rs. 890 only sir”

Hmmm…little over my budget but this is Metro. I must be worth it- I thought

“Fine. Make the bill”

“It will be 930 sir” – The girl in a formal suit at the counter said

Uh-oh….okay those 40 rs must be some service tax etc. How can I actually question the integrity of the-girl-in-the-suit for 40 rupees. What a cheapskate she will think of me.

“Herez my card”.

Then i went to Mc Donalds for some snack. Just wanted to have some burger or something. At the counter, the-girl-in-the-uniform with a smile asked

“Would you like to have some coke as well to go with your burger?”

How caring she is. How can I say no to her – I thought


After finishing my burger I took the coke with me. 
At the rickshaw stand I realized that I can’t finish the coke. 
So tossed the half full glass of coke in a nearby trash bin. …and eyes of the nearby rickshawala followed it. 

.....AND then it hit me.

“University chaloge bhaiya”- I asked in a low tone

“Haan saheb kyun nahi. 20 rupaye de dena”

I nodded.


  1. cool beta ek taraf paise waste nahi kiye to dusari taraf khane ki cheez fhek di..aur yeh bata 930rs. ki shopping mein mere lia kya lia tune..ab shopping pe jae to soch samjh kar order dena McD pe...

  2. Too good..Thakur!
    But don't forget we are a part of indefinite developing Nation..:P

  3. Well....though we are developing its a fact that richer are developing faster than poor and hence the gap in the society increases. There is an index for equality called "Gini Index" according to which inequality in India is one of the highest in the world. But what i feel more alarming is not only the economic inequality but social inequality